Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold X Magna Carta

In partnership with Hawkwood International, Atlanticus secured a unique NFT with Paul Oakenfold and the Magna Carta!

•   A unique piece of music by Paul Oakenfold

•   The Magna Carta


Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold is one of the UK’s most prolific and important DJs. For over 3 decades he has elevated and shaped an entire genre and remains one of the leading forces in the global music scene today.

Oakenfold’s stature as a DJ and entertainer has taken him beyond the normal club and festival circuit, playing landmark gigs that have changed the face of electronic music. Founded in 1988, Oakenfold’s groundbreaking Perfecto record label played an integral role in the birth of trance music.

Paul has produced for megastars such as U2, Madonna, and The Happy Mondays. As well as three acclaimed artist albums under his own name. He has remixed Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and Justin Timberlake and released over 20 DJ mix compilations. In recent years Paul has also been responsible for creating some of the most breathtaking film scores and cues for a long list of Hollywood blockbusters

Astonishingly, despite all his success in the worlds of chart music and film, Oakenfold has found time to keep in touch with his roots as a club DJ. Paul’s omnimedia presence is felt everywhere. He is the sovereign of DJ culture and is its most recognizable icon.

“ I would give the same advice to anyone, celebrity or not. Produce your own music, keep it original, and be real. You need to earn the respect of your fans for your original work in music, and not rely on your celebrity in other mediums. The same would apply for actors who sing, dance, or even play sports.”


Hawkwood International and the Magna Carta

The Magna Carta, also called the Great Charter, was the first written European constitution. It was a practical solution to the political crisis, that King John of England faced. The story of the Magna Carta is a story of struggle against tyranny. Considered as an inspiration for the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and many more, it has 63 clauses concerning various property rights.

Hawkwood INternational is now exhibiting the unique 1215 King’s Writ, the only surviving copy of this document, that will be part of the NFT!

“Atlanticus have the creativity and imagination to help create the kind of unique digital piece we envisaged in a thoughtful and sensitive way. They really understand how to help tell a story in the right way, regardless of the priceless nature of the manuscript. We were working closely with them to find the right music collaborator: Paul Oakenfold”