Ricardo Villalobos

Amnesia Ibiza Presents: Ricardo Villalobos X Sixe Paredes

In collaboration with Amnesia Ibiza, the worldwide known DJ and producer Ricardo Villalobos teamed up with the Spanish artist Sixe Paredes on their first exclusive NFT drop.


Ricardo Villalobos

Ricardo Villalobos was born in Santiago de Chile in 1970. His minimal techno and microhouse music started from a young age, while he was a student in Germany. Sharing how strongly passionate he is about the music he shared with his audience his own definition of what being a DJ requires.

Ricardo Villalobos is a minimal pioneer embracing the chance to collaborate with other talented artists, like, once more, the artist Sixe Paredes, for the first time ever under the shape of an NFT.

“People playing records have to be DJs their whole life. It’s not like you can become a DJ when you’re 20 because you think it’s cool. You are touched by it; you cry because of a rhythm. Me, I’m crying all the time.”


Sixe Parades

Special guest Sixe Paredes originates in Art from the exciting world of graffiti owning a studio in the heart of vibrant Barcelona in the late 1980s. In his many installations, paintings and sculptures live together with the intensity of color, the mark of Nature with complex and geometric shapes which give the art pieces a very recognizable signature. His words very well describe an abstract fascinating art universe.

This time, Sixe Paredes tributed the passion of music through Ricardo Villalobos' work and turned it into two unique art pieces: a video of Ricardo in which the artist drew some deep animated graphics and an abstract colourful portrait of Ricardo.

"In my imagination, mountain and nature have brought me countless elements, which have been part of the basis of some of my work. I like the idea of the mountain as a magical place, as the origin of a part of transcendence. Nature as a being, in the conjunction of all its elements.”
Amnesia Ibiza

Few words about Amnesia Ibiza:

The Amnesia Ibiza is the birthplace of the Balearic beat.
Located in Ibiza, the venue is one of the most influential clubs on the island. It attracts a huge number of people all eager to experience the all-night hedonism for which the venue is so famous. In 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011 Amnesia was awarded the Best Global Club by the prestigious International Dance Music Awards in Miami.

Amnesia and Ricardo Villalobos have a long history together, as the DJ plays at the famous Pyramid parties for a long time. This time, Amnesia Ibiza invites Ricardo for his first-ever NFT drop, on Atlanticus!